Saturday, October 16, 2004

Mojo seems to have adjusted to his "no bed" status. He knew that he did something wrong by peeing on the bed, and well, he seems OK on the floor. Go figure, huh?

Mojo pictures for today:

This is what Mojo looks like when we go out without him.

He got another bath. Here's Mojo before...

And here's Mojo during the bath. He really behaves well during baths. I tried some new conditioner, which worked pretty well. It didn't seem to do anything until he was dry. While wet and drying, his hair seemed, well, unconditioned. But now, his fur is really fluffy & smooth feeling.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Ugh...Mojo peed on our comforter again. Who knows what's happening with that, except he'll be in the penalty box for the next few days. It wasn't that he was tired, or whatever. He was playing on the bed, then stopped to pee.

We'll prevent that from happening again by revoking his bed privs permanently. Sorry Mojo, we can't have you peeing on the bed.


Wednesday, October 13, 2004

More pictures of Mojo napping.

Here's mojo taking a nap.

Mojo waiting to take a nap.

Here's Mojo taking another nap!

Monday, October 11, 2004

This is a movie of Mojo trying valiantly to bury a dingo in one of our armchairs. As you can see, his technique is simple: use your nose to move things until the object is covered. He didn't count on the cushion, though.

Click here to watch the movie!

The movie requires Quicktime 6. I don't check to see if it's installed, so if you see a broken link type picture download quicktime at

This was a test of Mojo's bootie system.

Just another of his weird camera expressions.

Sitting on a bolt of fabric.

Instead of the other booties, we tried socks. Socks work better, but you really need to tie them well, and use the right rubber bands. Three twists above the leg bend (ankle?) seems to make them hold on best...but they still come off.

We went to the "St. Francis of Assisi animal blessing" on Saturday, and Mojo got dressed up a bit.

Here he is, surveying the room.

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