Friday, February 03, 2006

This weekend is another showshoeing weekend, and Mojo's now been outfitted with a whole new wardrobe. First up is a set of boots that have straps, so the boots have suspenders (or something like that). Then he's got some kind of winter coat/raincoat that's thicker, so as to protect against snow/the cold better.

The boots are key, because they are leg-length (I think) and they won't come off unless the straps come off, which is unlikely. He seemed to be OK with them on a test run last night, so we'll see what happens in the snow.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mojo's in daycare again! He really never gets tired of going. It has been a little while, though. They've fixed their cameras so you can watch the dogs in Camino, so I've had both windows open watching the Dogs of BarkZone. Right now Mojo's chilling out next to another dog, and all the dogs are in some kind of holding pen while they clean up the main floor.

I wonder if he's there, he's thinking "I wish I was at home?"

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

it was Mojo's birthday on Sunday. He's two years old now! Unbelievable! He got his traditional chicken bowl, as well as some cookies/biscuits that Ela made. She ground up some pupparoni and chicken and baked them right in. Mojo seems to like them, since he quickly buried one someplace in the house. I'm pretty sure he ate the other one, because every time I saw him with it the biscuit was smaller. Yum!

We've been letting his hair grow out, and it seems to have leveled out somewhat. It doesn't seem to be getting a lot longer, and he's starting to collect small mats that are hard to brush out. I was brushing him yesterday afternoon, and got a big mat stuck in my brush. At the first opportunity Mojo hopped off my lap and hid under one of the ottomans. I had to drag him out to finish brushing him out. Luckily he didn't put up much resistance.

It's been pretty hard for him here, since it' been raining almost every day. Ela took him shopping yesterday, and we drove around with him on Sunday, but it's not the same as going out and walking. Last time we went walking, Mojo must have sniffed every bush for two miles; it's been that long. He also tried to pee on every other bush, which didn't work too well after his bladder emptied out. It's so strange. He'll lift his leg even though there's nothing left. And he'll contort to place himself just in the right place, which for small bushes means climbing up and getting right on top of the bush.

When it dries out, we'll be walking all the time, so maybe a month indoors isn't so bad.

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