Monday, August 15, 2005

Mojo's 15.5 lbs today. He's lost some weight.

We've been feeding him Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's soul, but we're adding the Solid Gold "Just A Wee Bit" to his diet. We're starting to alternate between them. He doesn't eat as much of the Solid Gold for some reason. It's unclear to us if he doesn't like it or he gets full faster.

We'll see what happens once this bowl is finished and he goes back to Chicken Soup.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dirt is good!

Especially after soaking in the river.

Mojo looking dignified after his first swim.

We went hiking with Mojo yesterday, and it was pretty fun. We hiked up to the Punchbowl Falls, which is a nice waterfall about 2 miles from I-84. After a long, dusty, and elevated trail there's a nice waterfall area.

Mojo finally got to swim for real, which was pretty neat. It's unclear whether he actually liked swimming, but at least we know that he can if he has to. The water was so cold it hurt, and Mojo was shivering after his dips.

And, of course, he turned into a brown ball on the way back home, and was bathed instantly when we got home. He really seems to enjoy hiking, which is good since we bring him along. Amazingly enough he wasn't the only small dog there. We saw a Westie, and on the way back passed what looked like a Lhasa.

Next time, we'll remember to bring a towel to the swimming area.

Pictures soon!

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