Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Wow, that's a big dingo!

Please give me another treat!

Yes, he's on the bed again. I figure if I put him on the pad and tell him to potty, he'll do it if he has to...instead of doing it on the bed. Or at least I hope that'll happen.

"This is my better side."

Note: mojo was 14.5 lbs as of 2 days ago.

Mojo's sick! I noticed yesterday that Mojo was shivering a lot. We went to the park to walk, and on the way there he was shivering like he had the flu. The vet was already closed, so I called this morning and went. He's got a sinus infection of some sort, so they gave him a shot of penicillin and gave me some antibiotics and anti-histamines.

Mojo also didn't play yesterday, and left a chunk of wet food out all day. That's a sure sign of sickness, when they leave the yummy food behind. Plus he sneezes a lot, and has some clear mucus.

Wonder what his sinuses are infected with?

He still wants to go outside...more so now that he's feeling under-the-weather. We went out this morning, and I had to pick him up to bring him home. He refused to go in a homeward direction. We went to get the mail, and when we came back he wanted to keep going and sat down. He hasn't done that in a while, so I had to drag him home. As it is he's spent most of the day downstairs near the door. I think he's staying one floor away from where I am; if I'm upstairs he's on the main floor, if I'm on the main floor he's down at the front door.

That means we're skipping agility tomorrow, which is a bummer. Oh well, wouldn't want to infect other dogs.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Oh well, I just cut out a mat. The brush tines are only so big, and there was a mat developing on his ear that was too small for the brush to get it. So snip!

The great thing was Mojo was on a chair. I went downstairs to get a treat, and told him to stay. Lo and behold, he was still on the chair when I got back! I think that's the first time he's stayed upstairs when I've gone downstairs. Usually he jumps down and waits by the top of the stairs. Maybe he was tired, or whatever, but it still is neat!

I'm starting to treat him after brushing, to see what happens. Maybe he'll put up with it for longer if he gets a reward after. We'll see.

Mojo's ears are matting like crazy. I untangled the one big one, but then a few hours later he had a few more smaller ones. What's with his ears that they're doing this? Mats form the way cords get tangled up. What's weird is that I just combed the area straight, and suddenly mats appear. They're defying the laws of physics!

It's been a slow day for Mojo today. He got some lamb bones yesterday (from my meal), then today has been an at-home day due to the persistent rains. He munched on a sweet potato (yay, new treats) and ate a bunch of food, but that's about it.

Maybe I'll give him a bath tomorrow or the next day? I have to de-mat him before then, according to everything I"ve read. Maybe mats are what happens when the conditioner wears off?

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