Sunday, September 19, 2004

Mojo's ears are matting like crazy. I untangled the one big one, but then a few hours later he had a few more smaller ones. What's with his ears that they're doing this? Mats form the way cords get tangled up. What's weird is that I just combed the area straight, and suddenly mats appear. They're defying the laws of physics!

It's been a slow day for Mojo today. He got some lamb bones yesterday (from my meal), then today has been an at-home day due to the persistent rains. He munched on a sweet potato (yay, new treats) and ate a bunch of food, but that's about it.

Maybe I'll give him a bath tomorrow or the next day? I have to de-mat him before then, according to everything I"ve read. Maybe mats are what happens when the conditioner wears off?

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