Monday, November 06, 2006

Mojo got bathed yet again today. It's such a routine that he now runs to the blow-dry area after the bath so he can get nice and dry. That's after he rolls around on the towels to get most of the water off.

What we've found is that it's easier to dry him then comb him. Most everyone says to comb then dry, but the hair really isn't manageable when it's wet. It also hurts more if there are mats. With a lot of bodifier and conditioner it's easier to comb out the mats (if any).

Of course, keeping his hair short also cuts down on the mats. But he still has a surprisingly large amount of hair stuck to him after the shower...even with his short hair. Time to head back to the groomer.

Mojo's ears still are problematic. The other day, Ela removed a huge thing of whatever from Mojo's ear. She's obsessed with cleaning out his ears, and cleans them every night with cotton balls, q-tips, and the antiseptic solution the vet gave us. The solution obviously isn't working (the infection or whatever it is is still there), but we still haven't gotten around to visiting the vet again. Mojo doesn't seem to be scratching his ears, so I guess it doesn't irritate him that much. But we still should take care of it before it gets serious.

Anyway, pictures!

Mojo striking his pose as his face and snout are dried. I suppose it's like being in a car, except you're not moving? Note that we use one of those cold/hot dryers. The cold air seems to work better, and makes him fluffier due to the supposed ionic feature of the dryer.

This is Mojo rotating so the air gets all of hi, especially the wet areas under his ears.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mojo went on a tugboat ride!

We all went on a tugboat ride, on the way to christening the new barge "Star Loader". This was back on 10/23, so I'm a bit behind.

He doesn't seem to mind the water, and I guess dogs in general don't mind, given the number of dogs on the tugboat and barge.

Anyway, pictures!

It's easy to be on a tugboat with an umbrella of your own.

Mojo, with the almost totally opaque waters of Manila Bay in the background.

Mojo taking shelter from the hot sun on the way back.

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