Thursday, August 19, 2004

A wierd thing: I just weighed Mojo on our scale, and he's 13.5 lbs. Now he didn't gain 2 lbs in 12 hours. I calibrated our scale, and when it's at zero it balances out (it's a Detecto). Could the scale at the vet be that far off? It seems unlikely, but there you go.

Unfortunately we don't have any unused by-weight items (like a 5 lb bag of sugar). So this will remain a mystery for now.

Mojo's fine, but seems to be a bit tired. We gave him some steak, and he ate all the chunks, then licked a hole in the paper plate. He's been eating his food a bit, but didn't finish the whole bowl.

No jumping or climing stairs for Mojo, so we've gotten the gates back out to block off the stairs. I guess he'll sleep on the floor?

We also have a few pain pills for him, which we'll give him every morning. Hopefully he won't start whimpering in pain at 5AM. At that point, how do you know it's because it hurts or if he just wants something?

His energy has been picking up since he's been home. Maybe the anesthesia is wearing off. Or maybe he finally ate something?

We told Mojo to go into his crate and away he went. He'll actually sit in it for a minute or two, then leave.

We got a plant, and Mojo immediately went over to stake out his territory. This plant has now caused Mojo to sniff almost every bush that we walk by, for some odd reason. He didn't used to bother with plants, but now he checks out practically every one, making our walks longer. Very strange.

Mojo discovered that he could get a drink while bathing.

Mojo is grimacing in this picture. When Ela washes his muzzle, he'll pull his lips off his teeth and scrunch his face. You can't see it that well here, except of course for his teeth.

Yeah! Clean!

It's hard to imagine, but he jumped in the tub the next day to cool off. Here's Mojo's typical "flat-on-the-floor" in the tub.

Ready for bed.

Here today.

Mojo's new leash. Ela made it from a length of ribbon/cloth. It's 14 feet or so, which is more useful than 2 6-foot leashes clipped together.

Hey there!

Gone tomorrow.

My bone, dammit!

As an experiment, I've stuck some google ads on the left, under the "archives" section. If you've got some free time and the ad seems interesting, click away!

It's kind of silly, but what the heck, right?

More Mojo in a bit...

Wow, no Mojo for two days this week. How strange. It'll take him around 10 days or so to recover from spaying, from what everyone says. After that, I think we'll do the agility at Barkzone. They use the fairgrounds, which is nicer than pup-a-razzi. There's more space for one, and it's a dirt outdoor area, which means more distractions.

Best of all, there are only two dogs in their beginner class right now, which means that Mojo can get maximum equipment time.

Hopefully he'll recover in time (2 weeks from yesterday). Ela'll run him this time, so we can switch off. The only obstacle they use that he's not familiar with is the chute, which is pretty much a tunnel with a closed end.

When we were watching the class last night Mojo was whining and antsy. He wanted to play with the dogs, meet the other agility handlers, and (I think) run the course.

One different thing they do at the BZ agility is use a clicker. Clicker training is, well, basically you tell a dog to do something, then when they do it you click & reward with a treat. With the click, they know exactly what/when they did something right, which makes conditioning easier. Or so they say.

It'll be fun, though. I think with Mojo the hard thing'll be keeping his brain from getting flabby, since he really can't do much by himself except nap and play with his toys. I saw something in the oregon humane society mag (it was at the vet) about sniff training, where you can train your dog to hunt things by smell. Hmmm. Mojo can do that, but he's too lazy to use his nose most of the time...except when he's looking for a treat. I wonder how they train dogs to hunt the odor?

Dropped Mojo off at the vet a few minutes ago. He's 11lbs 3.5oz, which is weird because he was about 13 the other day. He didn't really eat after daycare, and we took his food away at 6pm, but I don't think he could lose 2 lbs in 2 days. Gotta check the scale's calibration, I guess.

Oh, the vet suggested we move to adult dog food. It's true, Mojo doesn't seem to be getting taller, so his growth has stopped. How about that? And he's not a big hav, he's a large small hav. whoo!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Mojo really seems to enjoy daycare. He wanted to go in; he didn't quite drag us in, but he wasn't shy about going in either.

From the parts we saw online, he was playing (ie: we couldn't see him much). Every once in a while we'd see him on or near the bench, which I guess is the official "chill out" zone.

When he got home, he was excited to be back. He ate, played a bit, and now he's asleep. He's worn out, which is a Good Thing.

We wish we could really watch & see what and how he plays. It's really interesting to watch.

Tomorrow we'll watch the agility classes at barkzone, to see if we're interested. I might have to cancel the other class due to his spaying (not sure how long it'll be before he's back at full strength).

Monday, August 16, 2004

Mojo's been a bit mopey lately, and we're not sure why. Maybe it's because we've been kind of busy, and haven't been playing with him as much. Maybe he's been holding out for wet food (he's been conspicuously not eating his dry food). Maybe he doesn't like the new office layout. Or maybe it's because he hasn't been able to chew on his favorite screwdriver, which fell off the table and was stuck behind a bunch of cables.

Or maybe it's more fun to run around with other dogs at full speed for hours.

I'd vote for the last two, but we'll see. Tomorrow he goes for a full day of day-care, so he should be pretty worn out by the end of the day.

He's also been scheduled for testicular removal on Thursday. It's an all-day affair. We stop feeding at 6pm, no water by midnight, and bring him to the vet between 7 and 8am. Then we get him at 5pm. Hopefully the little guy'll be OK...

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Mojo dug a hole at the beach, but hasn't since then...until today. At the park, I was wondering why he hasn't dug anything yet. So I went over to a dirt patch and sort of pawed it with my foot, and there Mojo went, digging. Hah!

He buries stuff at home too. Right now, he's trying to bury a biscuit next to me on this armchair. He's been pushing this blanket with his nose for the last few minutes, without any success.

Oop, now he lost the biscuit in the armchair, and is trying to dig it out. Oh no!

Oh yeah, Mojo has a new favorite treat: chicken jerky strips! They're from Wal-mart, and are called "Jerky Tenders." It's his favorite by far. He'll do anything, including go through all of his tricks. Then he'll play with it for a while, then chow down. Yum!

It's been a while since the last post, mainly because there's been nothing to write about, really.

Mojo's now sleeping on our bed, and has gotten into the habit of waking me up by licking my face. Yuck!

He's been biting a lot, so much that we've taken the hard line on biting again. A bite, then off the bed (or chair) with a "no bite." It's slowly working.

He knows how to shake hands pretty well now. He can also run faster than me. We were walking the other day, and wondered if he could beat me. Ela went maybe 50 feet away and called him, and I dropped the leash. He beat me by 6 feet!

We're scheduling his spaying next week. We've got to put him in daycare at least once before he gets neutered, just to see. We think he's getting kinda bored hanging around the house. We're great, but we're a lot less energetic than a pack of dogs.

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