Thursday, October 21, 2004

When we were training Mojo, we discovered something really funny that helped with his training.

Let's say we wanted Mojo to lie down, but he didn't want to. If I was doing the training, I'd call Ela over and say "sit" and Ela would sit. Then I'd say "good Ela." Both of us would ignore Mojo. Mojo would start getting kind of aggravated, and he'd start competing with Ela. He'd sit down, or do whatever. If I said "speak" Mojo would try and bark before Ela. If I said "hands up" Mojo would try and stand up before Ela did.

It's hilarious, and it worked for Ela too. Mojo got so aggravated when one of us was doing tricks for the other that he'd literally jump up to get attention. I guess he felt (and feels) that he's the one who does tricks, and nobody else can?

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

We dropped Mojo off in daycare today, then picked him up three hours later. It doesn't seem to matter how long he's at daycare; when he comes home, he plops down and sleeps.

We ran around at night for a bit, and he's game. But I think he's just happy to be home with us?

Hmm. He seems to have stopped play-biting, mostly. I'm not sure what happened with that, but it's a Good Thing.

We reorganized the furniture, so it's harder to throw toys into hard-to-get spaces. That's too bad, because it was always fun watching Mojo figure out (sometimes with help, sometimes not) how to get the toy. We'll have to figure something else out.

Lastly, Mojo has turned into a fuzzy alarm clock. At about 6:30AM Mojo starts whining at us, and goes from one side of the bed to the other trying to wake us up. Since he can't be on the bed, he puts his feet up and whines standing up. It's really strange, waking up, looking over, and seeing your dog's face at eye level. He just wants to be petted a bit (head scratch, whatever). After that, he goes back to sleep. Strange, huh?

Monday, October 18, 2004

Mojo's 14.75 lbs as of this morning. He seems to have lost some weight, probably because he's been eating less. We haven't been going to the park as often, so he's been mostly idle at home.

He's had an exciting time, since the in-laws have arrived. He really, really loves new people, especially when they stay around :)

The other day we successfully brought him to lunch (we put him in the sherpa under our table), Best Buy (for some reason they allow dogs), and a few other places. He was fine in the car (it was overcast and cold, no chance of overheating & dehydration), and was pooped when we got home. I guess the large number of new places was, in the end, overwhelming...though he was really perky pretty much everywhere.

Today, he ripped open a packet of coconut milk (dehydrated, just add water) that Ela had lying around and ate a bunch of it. He subsequently barfed it up, creating a wet mass that smelled vaguely like the tropics. Until then, I never realized how many little things Mojo ate when we went on walks. There they were, surrounded by white, milky dog barf. It's like they were brought in by the tide.

We also got some new treats the other day. They're "Grandma Lucy's Garlic Chicken and Rice balls." They're dehydrated treats, and the idea sounded good. Well, they caused the dreaded doggy diarrhea. Oh no! I should have remembered what happened with the raw turkey stuff...except this stuff isn't raw. It's also approved for human consumption, whatever that means. People eat dirt, and like it. I'm not going to be trying dirt or the Chicken Balls anytime soon. Maybe we'll feed them to unsuspecting guests?

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