Thursday, October 21, 2004

When we were training Mojo, we discovered something really funny that helped with his training.

Let's say we wanted Mojo to lie down, but he didn't want to. If I was doing the training, I'd call Ela over and say "sit" and Ela would sit. Then I'd say "good Ela." Both of us would ignore Mojo. Mojo would start getting kind of aggravated, and he'd start competing with Ela. He'd sit down, or do whatever. If I said "speak" Mojo would try and bark before Ela. If I said "hands up" Mojo would try and stand up before Ela did.

It's hilarious, and it worked for Ela too. Mojo got so aggravated when one of us was doing tricks for the other that he'd literally jump up to get attention. I guess he felt (and feels) that he's the one who does tricks, and nobody else can?

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