Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Another day without posting! Whoo!

Yesterday we brought Mojo to the fitness center again. He had fun - we made a tunnel out of the aerobic steps, and got him to run through them. He hopped up on a pyramid of them, but didn't really know how to get down (so we carried him). Mirrors were sort of interesting, but not as interesting as the hardwood floor.

He also hopped onto the treadmill with Ela for a while, but he kept moving back and forth, tangling the leash with Ela's feet.

After that, he was a bit rowdy...all day. He didn't really listen to us much, and was just a rambunctious puppy.

He did fall asleep early, and wasn't so wild during his 'crazy time' which is around 8:30-9:00 pm.

I went to the introductory puppy class and learned that Mojo (and most dogs) are ahead of the curve. You -can- play tug with him as long as you get him to drop the toy (yay!). The class was pretty fun. The other two puppies are a great dane (20lbs, 10 weeks) and a lhasa/shiatsu mix (4 months). Next week we bring the dogs to class, which'll be a trip.

The trainer also recommended this lamb sausage thing, so I picked one up. This morning (3/31) I tried it, and wow - it was like crack! Mojo paid attention immediately, and was sitting, staying, etc. Thumbs up on that stuff!

The trainer confirmed that a 'yip' was a good way to keep him from biting hard. There were a lot of good tips, and the little booklet they gave us was a good summary of what the dog books have been saying.

Funny, I just looked at the pictures I posted the other day, and in the last one Mojo reminds me of Macauley Culkin. Weird.

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