Friday, March 26, 2004

At the battle of Midway the Japanese carrier captains decided to change their planes from bombs to torpedoes, then were attacked while fully loaded, fueled, and armed planes were on the flight deck. This unfortunate timing doomed the carrier fleet.

In much the same way, we were blindsided while changing Mojo's litterbox at 6 or so. He peed, we emptied the litter box to clean it out, then he started doing the "I've gotta go" dance. That dance, by the way, is him running around in circles really really fast. There's a religious sect called the spinners (?) that did the same thing...except they did it when the spirit came over them. Mojo's spinning isn't religious, but same idea.

Well anyway, it was panic time. The box was already empty, and ready to be washed out, and the litter was upstairs. I yelled to Ela to get the litter, and she went up and got the bag 'o litter while I tried to distract Mojo. She poured litter into the tray while I distracted Mojo, then I put him into the tray. Doh! There wasn't quite enough litter, so as Mojo snuffled around in the tray I sort of shoved litter under his butt so there's be someting there when he finally let go.

Of course he was majorly constipated at this point, and really had to squeeze it out. It was kinda soft, and he got it all over his butt. Now was the time to remember what the breeder's daughter said: it might be worth it to trim the hair on his rear, so the poo doesn't stick. Doh!

So we tried to wipe it off with a paper towel, no go. Ela said we'd wash it off. So up we went, and we washed old Mojo's butt off in the sink. He wasn't too happy about it, really. We weren't that excited either.

Sorry for the blow-by-blow.

After the wash he was fine. He ate, then peed right on his mat! Ack! All that training, gone. Sigh. We penned him up, then gave him some distractions. We pulled out one of the kongs and put some peanut buttter in it, which he loved. We got the pig's ear out, got him a new rawhide bone, and left him to his own devices.

At that point, we were just tired. Mojo seemed to have forgotten all his training, and it seemed that all that work was for nothing.

We went to dinner, and 2 hours later came home, expecting well, we weren't sure what to expect. There was Mojo, and he peed and poo'd in the litter! Wow!

We played with him for a while, then he got kind of obnoxious, biting and such. I think he does that when he wants us to leave him alone to chew on his toys? Who knows. Right now he mellowed out, and is sitting watching TV, happy to be petted. Go figure.

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