Monday, March 29, 2004

A day without blogging about Mojo is a good day!

Really, though, yesterday was pretty relaxed, and stressful at the same time. We left Mojo @home, and he did fine as far as we can tell. A nice long walk turned a bit stressful due to a barking pomeranian a block over. Mojo ran across the grass like, well, a small white dog. He likes running; there's obviously only so far he can go in the apartment, and out on the Kaiser Permanente lawn he could really stretch out his legs (they have a facility nearby with a nicely trimmed lawn).

We decided to switch from litter to the puppy pads. Puppy pads are basically flat diapers that you lay on the floor for your dog to pee on. They're about the same cost as litter, and you can bring them places. The transition was a bit awkward - Mojo was seriously looking for the litter box, even though the litter box was right there with a pad in it. But eventually he poo'd on the pad, with a ridiculous amount of coaching by Ela. Strangely enough he peed on the pad with no prompting.

He was pretty nervous overall. Before our chariots of fire moment, we went with him to Petsmart and he was pretty whiny. Our best guess was he was sleepy, since when we got home he hopped into his crate and went to sleep. Yep, it's always easier to figure this stuff out after the fact. When he's whining, it's like "hmmm, why is he whining?"

We might have figured out why he goes a bit crazy at 8-8:45pm - teething? It explains why he goes around biting everything (and everyone). We gave him a rawhide bone and he chewed away happily. Without it, he was bugging and biting us and being aggressive. Apparently what he was trying to tell us is "my gums really hurt," which in dog language means "I'm going to run around, bite you, and try and pull the clothes off your body."

If that's the case, we've done the Eukanuba biscuits wrong. Luckily I haven't had time to call, so we'll do a biscuit experiment this afternoon.

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