Friday, March 26, 2004

Doh! We went out for lunch (yum, the imrie roadhouse about 2 miles away) and left Mojo home alone. We used the T-Mobile monitor method again. Things were great, but when we left lunch we could hear Mojo barking & whining.

When we got home he poo'd in the box, but peed on the floor. Bummer :(

Actually, today has been a bad day for peeing. Upstairs in the bedroom, downstairs under the table, and at lunch. Sigh. The under-the-table one might have been because he was tired. He just woke up from a nap, and was like "pffft." The bedroom one was probably because I forgot to watch him. It's getting harder, because sometimes he sniffs like a dog sniffs (catching a scent) and sometimes he sniffs because he's looking for a spot to drop his load. Huh.

He's been asleep for most of the day. It's been drear, raining, and cold, so we haven't really brought him outside. Maybe he's got S.A.D.

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