Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Ela & I were talking about Mojo and the biscuits at dinner, trying to figure out why it's having this effect on Mojo. It's almost like puppy speed, these things. So first Ela was like "what do the directions say?" "Directions?"

I dragged out the container, and it said - get this - 3 to 4 biscuits a day! Holy crap!

Looking at the ingredients, nothing really stood out. The first three were 'wheat flour', 'chicken by-product meal', 'chicken fat'. Hey, what's that? My theory is that Mojo's getting carbo-loaded (or getting a sugar buzz), then he crashes. I'm not sure how eating a bunch of wheat and fat would do that.

Eukanuba has a 110% guarantee, so we'll be calling them tomorrow and making some money :)

It's kinda weird, though. Ela was saying that now she understands what Brian, my brother-in-law, goes through with Zorah's food. Like "what the heck made her do that?" The same with this guy: what's making him do that?

Right now, our list of successful toys and treats are: hot dog parts (thumbs up, recommended by the breeder), yoghurt drops (from our old hamster, but they seem to be identical to the dog ones in the store), a nylabone, rope, carrots, and pig ears. So-so toys are the ping-pong balls with balls inside (petco), rawhide bones (dingo), and the kongs. I think the kongs are only good for hiding stuff? He played with the kong when it had a biscuit in it, but that's about it. Maybe when we try peanut butter he'll be into the kongs. Big zeros are tennis balls (I think they smell funny to him) and, uh, hmmm, I guess the kongs are pretty much zeros by themselves.

And his all-time favorite toy is this purple stuffed elephant (budda?) that Ela bought. It's his pillow now. Oh, and her blue slippers.

Oh, the bitter apple seems to have worked! Thanks lanny!

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