Thursday, March 25, 2004

I took a nap, and didn't know how tired I was until I woke up :|

We're trying to tackle two things today: Mojo's biting and leaving him. The first we're trying by saying "aack" when he bites us, and it's sort of working. The first time we did that he looked at us like "where'd you learn that?"

When we leave him, he whines, barks, and complains. We were leaving him in the kitchen area (with the gates) all day, and he whined/stopped to a degree. The "quiet" command works, sometimes.

Thanks to T-Mobile (and unlimited phone to phone), we have a dog monitor! We left him @home, went off to the grocery, and well, he was whining and barking for at least 8 minutes. Then we hung up the phone, because it was kind of pointless listening to him bark & whine.

OTOH, he poo'd in the litter while we were away, and he's learning the "no bite" command. He forgot how to stay. Oh well. As we read in horror in the dog book, "it takes hundreds of repetitions." It sure feels like we've done hundreds of repetitions. Ack!

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