Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It's morning, and I'm spending more time with this blog than my business plan :(

Last night before going to bed Mojo peed on the carpet. Whoops! After that, he's been fine. We walked over to the fitness room/gym in the next apartment complex over. It was funny: even though I was holding the leash (or lead, as the professional dog people call it) he was following Ela. He walks on the leash fine. We haven't gotten him to heel yet, so he was going back and forth across the path.

The fitness area has a pool, spa, and a bunch of machines. Even better, it's got a long wheelchair ramp to the entrance. Ela went up the stairs, and I took Mojo up the ramp. He whined when Ela went off on her own, but still came with me. How about that?

While Ela worked out (she loves the Precor treadmill), Mojo and I wandered around. He peed in the grass, and we walked and sniffed around the area.

On the way back to our apartment, old Mojo was chugging away. He investigated a couple of things, but mostly stayed on the path with us.

An interesting thing is he doesn't like to see one of us go off without him, even if the other one is with him. Hmm.

Oh yeah, this morning was "no biting" morning. Starting a bit last night, but really this AM after he woke up, he started biting our pajamas, growling, and tugging. This was something new, so we went off to our havanese book to see what to do. What they said is to say "no" and distract him with a toy. Unfortunately Mojo didn't want to be distracted, so a bunch of forceful "no's" and 'aack' noises will have to do. Plus, we lifted him up while saying "drop," to try and show him that biting our stuff was a Bad Thing. It seems to have worked so far, but we'll see. Today's going to be "make sure he doesn't bite people" day.

He hopped into his crate after our walk to take a nap, which was a first. Yesterday, he climbed a stair (we have a one-stair landing with his crate on it) and jumped off the stair. Jumping is good, but the havanese have a tendency towards luxating patellas. In english, that means their kneecaps can slip (ouch) if they jump too far, or more likely if their impact is hard. Still, he really flew off that stair like Underdog.

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