Monday, March 22, 2004

Mojo got his first nail clipping today, and was great. No whining, just kind of sat there on Ela's lap. He's been a pretty busy puppy. He also has an unfortunate fondness for cables after a visit to our home office this morning. Gotta figure out what to do about that. After clipping, he took a nap, and we put him in the crate while we went off to do errands.

Well after all that good news, we left Mojo in the crate at lunch. He was sleeping, so we figured he'd be OK. Wrong! He laid a big-old poo right in there, and got it all over himself. So he got his first bath!

It was pretty gross, scraping dog dung off of the bedding. And he didn't like the bath, though he took it pretty well. He was shivering and whining, but didn't run away or bite us. He really didn't like the hair dryer, even when it was pretty far away from him. Both Ela and I were kind of running around sort of panicy because we didn't want him to walk all over the place. Our apartment is carpeted, and that would have been a disaster.

After the bath, he was up and running around like nothing happened. We used Johnson's Baby Shampoo (a leftover bottle from when Ela's nephew was here) instead of pet shampoo because we haven't gotten pet shampoo yet. He was shivering, but got nice and fluffed, and was as good as new.

He remembered where he needed to "go potty," but only if we put him there. How do we get him to go there by himself?

Boy it's sure hard to work when you've got a puppy. Between this dumb weblog and the dog, there's no time to do anything.

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