Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Oh yeah, just thinking what one of our dog books said: set your dog up for success. When we left Mojo, we removed most of the rugs in the kitchen. The only rug was underneath his food and water bowl, so we were pretty sure he wouldn't do anything on it. He wouldn't use the crate as his toilet, since he sleeps there. The litterbox was the only other place...besides the floor.

Funny, Mojo's getting kind of irritated at us about the "go potty" stuff. We get him into the llitter box every once in a while saying "go potty?", and he whined like "crap, not again." But he squeezed it out. He really likes those hot dogs!

He went by himself when we were away, but he had to go again. It looked like he wanted to go into the box but couldn't figure out how to get in...he was just sniffing around it. For some reason I picked him up & put him in the box, which I shouldn't have done. Next time we'll see if he goes in by himself when we're there.

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