Tuesday, March 23, 2004

This is turning into a full-time job!

No whining last night - he went into the crate, and was next to me today. First, we let him sniff around the bedroom before he went into the crate. That might have been a good thing to do. When he went in, he was already tired because we kept him up until he poo'd. We went to bed at 10:30 or so, then he woke up at 11:30pm to pee, then at 4:30am he woke up just to say hello, I think. Then he woke up again at 6:30am - ela woke up, I didn't, so I'm not sure what. But that time he hopped into the litter box to poo himself. How about that?

Then we went to the vet in the AM, at around 9:30. Mojo was whining in the car, but was fine (kind of mellow/subdued) in the vet. He said 'hi' to a poodle that was there, and got to watch two really big dogs (german shepard/chow mix and some other dog) whine in fear as they came in.

He got chipped, and got the rectal thermo (ouch), and got a parasite check and all that. The breeder gave him his first series of shots, so nothing there. He got a revolution thing which is for fleas and intestinal parasites(?). Go figure.

I think Mojo was a bit overwhelmed at being outside, and was suffering from sensory overload. At one point I brought him outside the vet's, put him down, and he was looking around with this "whoa" expression on his face.

I traded tips and stuff with the other two people who were waiting, which was fun. Ela wasn't there for part of the wait, because we forgot Mojo's stool sample at home. Old Mojo is really an attention magnet.

We'll be bringing him to Petsmart and PetCo later today, we'll see what happens. Maybe we need to let him sniff around the car before we go somewhere, so he's familiar with the area?

Oh, and a friend (hi lanny!) wrote and said the "bitter apple" spray works, so we'll be picking some of that up.

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