Saturday, March 27, 2004

Went out to get groceries, and when we came back he peed on the floor. Oh no! I think the litterbox has gotten kinda gross again, and he won't use it unless absolutely necessary. So before dinner I got to walk him outside. When we went out, there was this really huge cat rolling around in front of our door, and I thought "I have to get Mojo away from that cat!" If that cat attacked Mojo, he'd have a major complex! I tugged him to the left, and he was fine. He was kind of weirded out at being outside at night, but no more weirded out that being out earlier today (which I'll write about in a bit).

Earlier today, before we took off, we took Mojo for a long walk outside. We wanted to bring him to 23rd street and walk around, but figured we should trial run him in the neighborhood instead. Luckily that turned out to be the right thing to do.

A couple of doors down, there was a woman and her three kids - one in a stroller, one maybe around 6, another around 4. Mojo saw them and stopped cold. "What's that?" We coaxed him over, picked him up, and asked the kids to pet him. Then we put him down and got him to keep walking...and he did, looking back every once in a while to see what the other people were doing.

We walked around in a small park behind our complex. Mojo was fine, maybe a little cold, but chugging away. Then he froze in fear (or shock) when we came upon a bunch of kids at the basketball court. He whimpered a bit, and refused to move. He wouldn't answer to his name, he wouldn't come, he wouldn't do anything except stare over at the bizarre sights & sounds across the path. We got him moving eventually, and just like the kids he would stop and look back every once in a while.

Inside, the scale of everything is probably OK, but outside maybe Mojo's realizing how tiny he really is, and that there's a whole lot of stuff out there that he has no idea about. That means that more walks are in the program for old Mojo. It's getting warmer, so that'll make it easier to go out.

It's his 7th day here tomorrow, maybe we'll give him some ice cream?

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