Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Another first today: Mojo used his nose to locate one of us! Mojo usually uses sight or sound to figure out where we are when we hide-and-seek. This is less-than-ideal, since he's got a nose that's supposed to work better than either one.

When Ela hid, Mojo was kind of wandering around. I sniffed, and he got the idea, sniffed a bit, and went over to where Ela was (behind the door, go figure). Usually he wanders to and fro, trying to figure out where our voices are coming from...which is really funny, especially when he has no idea where we are (he starts whining and barking when he can't find us). We'll see how well his nose develops...

In other news, he doesn't seem to like car rides as much anymore. When we get into the car he complains a bit, then sleeps. That's not a bad thing, but it's different than just last week. Who knows?

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