Monday, April 26, 2004

Another funny thing about Mojo has to do with when Ela and I come back from somewhere. We usually leave Mojo at home when we go places, unless there's a pet-related thing we're doing. Sometimes we leave Mojo on the top floor, sometimes we leave him on the 2nd floor, sometimes we confine him to the kitchen.

But no matter where we leave him, when we come home he's always either at the gate or at the stairs, waiting patiently (or frantically, depending).

We were wondering whether he was really waiting there all the time. One day when we came home we didn't use the garage - we snuck up the stairs. Lo and behold, Mojo was sleeping in his crate! When he saw us, he came out and was all "howya doing" and wagging his tail. Busted!

Now we can tell if he's been awake for long. A telltale sign is if his ears are folded - if his ears are folded up, then he's been sleeping. He also is a bit discombobulated when he first wakes up, but by the time he sees us he's mostly awake.

I guess he really does want to spend every waking moment near us. How about that?

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