Monday, April 26, 2004

Here's the funny Mojo story of the day.

Right now it's about 90 degrees F here in Portland. It was 80 earlier today. And Mojo, as he does every day, wanted to take a walk. So we went out, as normal. He went maybe 15 feet and started panting. He looked up as if to say "damn, it's hot." We went down to the mailboxes as usual, which is probably around 100 yards away. By the time were were 2/3rds of the way there, he had already plopped down on the grass at least twice to rest. After I got the mail, he flopped down under a tree on his belly and wouldn't walk anymore.

We met Ela there, and rode back in the car (she had just come back from some errands). When we got home Mojo hopped inside and plopped down in the relatively cool entryway.

We went walking again, to see how the pools were, Mojo at our side...for a while. It's hard to walk your dog when all he wants to do is sit in the shade and pant.

By the end, he flopped down on the grass, refusing to do anything but pant. He was really pooped. It makes me wonder what kind of weather Cuba really has. We couldn't have walked more than a half a mile, and he was already beaten down by the sun. What a weather wimp!

When we got home again, he sat in the entryway for about 15 minutes cooling off. Unbelievable!

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