Tuesday, April 13, 2004

It's been a few days since the last update...

On Saturday 4/10 we went to Cannon Beach. Mojo had fun! He met all kinds of people, and ran up and down the beach. We got to try out our sherpa bag on him, and he was fine. He did barf a lot, though - four times that day. We're not sure if it was the feather and other stuff he might have eaten, or motion sickness from being in the bag, or maybe it was the sand that he tried to eat before he knew what it was.

It was a fun day, all in all. The trip was almost a havanese promotional tour, since so many people were asking about him (and petting him). It was Mojo heaven. His tail grew by an inch, it was wagging so much.

The last few days there wasn't much. We discovered that if Mojo doesn't run or exercise a lot he starts getting bitey and annoying. So this morning we ran him outside, and he got mellower and more attentive. So run your puppies every day!

We taught him to lie down consistently too. He also will occasionally roll over, and he'll stay every once in a while. Plus he's familiar and sometime obeys the hand signals for them. How about that?

The other thing we're training him how to do is walk. We had some cheese that was kind of melted (we left it in the car), so we figured we'd try it as a treat. It worked wonders! So Mojo can now stand up on his hind legs and walk for a short distance. He did it in class too, which was funny (not everyone saw it though).

He was getting more socialized in class too. At the start, he was shying away from Riley (the lhasa mix). By the end, both of them were barking and playing. We're hoping that next week both of them (Mojo & Riley) will remember this session and play from the start of the session.

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