Friday, April 30, 2004

Mojo got his anal glands evacuated today. Yeech.

We got our health certificate for travel. It's good for 30 days, not 10, as we thought. He also got his rabies shot, which is good for dogs three months and over. He's 6 lbs 7 oz, at 13 weeks and a day. That's a gain of 10 oz in 8 days.

The vet warned us that his teeth would be coming in soon, leading to more chewing. Oh no, he can chew more? He suggested ice, freezing his toys, etc. The cold helps keep down the gum swelling (and presumably numbs his mouth so it doesn't hurt as much).

We should also pluck his ears, so moisture and such doesn't get in there and cause an infection. To demonstrate, he took some ear hair between his fingers and pulled, and it came right out. Yeow!

We were talking to the 'health team members,' and got some low-down on anal glands. Nothing more than what was on-line, but there wasn't really any reason they get full (or clogged) - it just happens. "Hopefully he'll outgrow this." Yes, we hope so too! When we asked if we could learn how to do it ourselves, she replied "well, it's kind of gross." That's as good as a 'no' for us!

Yesterday nothing of note, except Ela fed him a sugar cookie, which he really liked.

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