Friday, April 02, 2004

Naptime again. The guy sleeps like crazy. We also found out from the Eukanuba website that he should be eating 1.2 cups of food a day(!). We've been giving him 1/2 a cup a day, but he's run out of food for the last 2 days (2 or 3 days?). Time to feed him more.

We've also officially switched his treats to the lamb sausage stuff. It's just as much as a pack of hot dogs, but he likes it better (if you can believe it). They do dry out really quickly, so don't cut the whole thing up into pieces.

We also tried the "Old Mother Hubbard" bac'n'cheez biscuits, but Mojo refuses to eat them. He actually refuses to have anything to do with them. He won't even play with them - they're not even good enough to be toys. It's back to Petsmart for these guys.

Today is also "heartworm dose" day. The vet gave us two things to feed him: a syringe full of something, and a pill. Mojo slurped the syringe contents right up, and ate the pill like it was a treat. I was wondering how to get him to eat the pill. Some books say pop it into the back of his throat, but hey, what if it goes down his windpipe? Not to worry.

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