Thursday, April 08, 2004

Nothing much today, really. Mojo seems to have excreted his body weight in poo. I've realized that Mojo's bathroom habits form a big part of this blog, and it reminds me of something that Mark Twain once said: "Americans only care about two things: astrology and their bowels." We've got the second one taken care of here, that's for sure.

Mom & Dad got to see him on iChat, which was pretty neat.

Hmm, only other thing is we got the dog shampoo in, so it'll be time for a bath soon. It's some kind of dog shampoo, and it smells exactly like the johnson's baby shampoo (blue bottle). It's lime-green, and it's shampoo #3. The number is how thick the hair gets after shampooing? So shampoo #1 is normal, and I think shampoo #3 is "afro". He looks like a rabbit now when he runs through the grass. After the bath (and conditioner, yes, there's a conditioner too) he might look like a cotton tumbleweed.

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