Monday, April 05, 2004

Oh yeah, one last weirdness: ever since we switched to the disposable pads from the litter, Mojo now sits down to pee. He'll just sit down on the pad and do his thing. Very strange.

Ela got some toothpaste, and is now brushing his teeth daily.

We trimmed the hair from around his eyes, since it's starting to block his vision. That was Friday, I think?

We also trimmed the hair on his butt, because poo started getting stuck to it. Yuck. That was a handy tip from the breeder that we should have followed from the beginning.

A bummer thing is when Mojo gets older his puppy coat'll change to a normal coat. We kind of like the puppy coat.

We met another havanese while walking today. He's in the complex next door. Funny, one thing I've noticed is when you meet someone else with a dog you ask the dog's name, but you don't necessarily ask the person's name. I now know 2 of my neighbors' dogs name, but have no idea what the person's name is. For the record, the dogs are Sam (the havanese) and Bo (Beau?). I also know the name of the woman at the driving range's dog: Riley.

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