Sunday, April 25, 2004

One thing about Havs in general (and maybe all small dogs with longish hair) is they have tear stains. Some books say it's a tear duct problem, but we've been noticing that Mojo has it because his hair gets in his eyes, literally.

For most of today he wasn't tearing. But at around 11 or so we noticed that his eyes were tearing a lot, and there was a lot of the gooey stuff around his eyes. A closer look showed a hair actually on his eyeball. Maybe when he sleeps or naps the action of lying down pushes a hair into his eye, and it folds down so it's lengthwise across his eyeball.

We're actually not sure how it got there, but there definitely was a strand of hair across his eye..across each eye. Time to give his eye sockets a trim. He's going to look a bit weird for a while, with his deep eye sockets. Better than massive tearing due to hair-on-the-eyeball.

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