Friday, April 09, 2004

Other things today: Mojo's been upstairs in the office with us all day. When we go downstairs, sometimes he wants to follow along.

One time, Ela told him to "down" at the top of the stairs and wait. "Down" is "lie down." Mojo looked at her, she did the hand motions for it, then Mojo grunted and gave her this look like "jeez, yeah, alright" then lay down. Time to teach him better tricks?

It's really funny how he grunts when he goes down the stairs, like he's girding himself for the journey. He is, in a way; there are 20 stairs, and each one is as tall as he is. He'd never be able to go down hardwood stairs using his current technique, because he'd slide off. Hmm.

We'll be getting a pet bag tomorrow sometime. One bummer with a dog is it's hard to go places, because most places don't allow pets. But put your pet in a bag, and suddenly it's OK. It's a "get into stores with your pet" card. Plus, we're heading to the coast this weekend, and we want to drag him along with us. Back to Petsmart...

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