Monday, April 26, 2004

Strange details: whenever Mojo naps, either in his crate or on the floor (or on the beanbag), he always is in line-of-sight of one of us. If we move while he's napping he'll wake up and move. If he moves, he'll readjust. If he's in his crate and we're awake but he can't see us, he'll whine until we move the crate so he can see us. The latter only happens at night, if I'm working late.

Also Mojo's been backsliding on the poo a bit. If he poos twice, he usually misses the pad on the second poo...or just goes and poos somewhere else (like the bathroom mat). Guess it's time to lay two pads down everywhere. This was in the other bathroom where the litterbox was. According to Ela, there was lots of space left in the litterbox - he just didn't want to go there again?

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