Monday, April 05, 2004

This is something that happened either sunday (4/4) or saturday (4/3): Mojo finally figured out how to go down stairs! We showed him a few times, but he always jumped off the lower stairs. That would obviously be bad if he was somewhere near the top of a staircase. But he can now climb down in a controlled manner!

He does have trouble with the stairs at home, because they're a bit too small for him (his margin of error needs to be pretty large not to tumble down). Outside, though, the stairs are more his size. At the park he was going up and down the stairs like he's been doing it forever. Yeah!

So far, he can go up and down stairs, and knows his name, sit, stand (only with a treat), down (sometimes), drop, come here, let's go, uh-uh, tummy rub, up, bring (kind of), outside, run (maybe), good dog, 'no bite', and 'go potty'. Of course, he knows 'no,' as does every dog. We're working on 'speak' and trying to get him more consistent on 'down'. He doesn't really know heel, though we repeat it a lot when we walk.

He knows the name of some of his toys, too. "The bone" is the rawhide bone...any of them. 'rope' is a rope pull toy. 'booda' is the blue booda.

I think he finally figured out the "back in a bit," since he was OK when we went out - but it definitely needs more work. We just started with "go to bed," so he doesn't really recognize it yet.

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