Saturday, April 17, 2004

Today we went to the dog show! There was a dog show at the expo center, and it was a perfect opportunity for socialization. Plus there were a ton of vendors there, so we could pick up a bunch of free stuff!

On the way there, Mojo poo'd in the car. That was a good thing, because we put a pad in the back of the car. The bad thing was he stepped on the poo, so we had to stop & clean some stuff up. Yuck.

The show was great! It was another meet-the-Mojo festival; people were coming up, saying hello to Mojo, and asking what he was/where we got him and all that. We should get a commission from Diane the breeder, from all the references!

Ela walked Mojo through the hall, and both of them were really good. Mojo met a whole bunch of other dogs, and actually initiated dog contact for the first time! Well he sort of said hi to a bunch of dogs, but reall started in with a Shiba. He was doing play bows, and some barking, and hopping. Wow, how about that?

He also got to see big dogs, like St. Bernards, Great Danes, and normal dogs like Retrievers and Labs. I think he was sort of pleasantly surprised and vaguely put out that so many dogs ignored him. I think the big dogs just didn't notice him.

Plus, he got the normal amount of attention he gets when he goes out - which he loved immensely. It took us about 3 hours to get through the show, because we got free stuff at every booth and the "what kind of dog is that?" questions. We now have around 18lbs of sample dog foods which we're going to use as treats, and a whole bunch of super-premium dog food marketing propaganda.

So maybe we'll be change over from Eukanuba to one of the other foods. The problem is, how do you know if Mojo likes it, and is it really better? I mean sure, better ingredients, but what does that get you? And given all these dog foods, which one should we choose?

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