Tuesday, April 27, 2004

We discovered that Mojo's been peeing on our bath mats, which might be the source of some of his bathroom irregularities for the last day or so. We washed the bath mats with his old, washable pee pads, and maybe the odor rubbed off?

So Mojo was in class again, and again he's much better with the other dogs. But he really loves playing with people, not dogs. Though dogs are fun too. Funny, it looked like Mojo was doing some kind of mounting behavior thing with Riley, though he's much too young for that. He does it sometimes with his stuff, though.

Mojo's biting has gotten better since he's gotten the toys. He needed a soft object to chomp on?

In class, we gave him a hoof, and he liked it. They're much better than pig ears (they don't smell), and he seems to like it just as much. We'll try and get some for him before our trip, so he'll be kept busy.

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