Thursday, April 22, 2004

We discovered tonight that the high yip when Mojo bites really works. He actually did it to us - I think Ela was playing with him, and he yipped. We were like 'whoa.' So when he bit us, we yipped. And he was like "that's weird."

We got him to speak, but then he got lazy and forgot. Heh.

Hmm. Yesterday he growled at Ela when she tried to take away his rawhide. It was another soft, gooey one. So we did a 'no, bad dog.' which seemed to work. Then Ela made him sit, drop it, then she gave it back to him and took it away a bunch of times - just to make sure Mojo knows who the boss is. Then we replaced the rawhide with another, non-soggy rawhide.

After that, Mojo actually came over to her and dropped the rawhide at ela's feet without asking. That's what dog dominance is all about, huh?

He fetches more consistently. And he stays more consistently too. They taught us a neat 'stay' technique in class. We never thought it would work. You sit your dog down and tell him to stay. Then you take a treat, put it in front of his nose, then sort of arc it away from him and put it on the ground (still in your hand). Your hand gradually gets farther away, and stays away longer, and if he stays on each rep give him the treat. Then at the end leave the treat on the floor.

I never thought Mojo would sit still for a yummy treat, but he stayed for two chunks of cheese when they were lying there on the floor, waiting for him. These dog trainers really know what they're doing, huh?

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