Wednesday, April 07, 2004

We went to puppy class yesterday. It was fun! Mojo knew most of the commands already so that part wasn't that useful. What was great was he got to play with other dogs for the first time. At first, he was pretty timid; he liked the people more than the dogs. With new people, he'd go right up to them, tail wagging. With dogs, he'd kind of shy away.

Still, he started doing normal things with dogs by the end of the class. He was doing the play bows, barking, hopping around, those sort of "hi, I'm a dog" actions. First he was Riley, a shiatsu-lhasa mix. After a slow start, he started playing a bit. By the end he even was playing with Hamlet, the big great dane puppy.

Plus, Mojo charmed the staff, the rest of the class, and the random petsmart passer-bys. Every time the teacher wanted to demo some command or technique, Mojo would run towards her going "me! me! me!" Or maybe it was "more treats! more treats!" At the end, when he was trying to play with the great dane, customers were just standing there, watching, asking about him. At that point he was bouncing around, barking, and sort of hopping around the great dane.

Neat! I guess it's true what they say, the most important part of the class is dog socialization. Maybe next week he'll get with the black lab, who was kind of hyper and out of control.

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