Monday, April 19, 2004

We've been experimenting, using the various kinds of dog foods as treats. He likes all the ones we've fed him: Innova, Simply Natural, Black Gold, and Pet Star Northwest (the last may be the distributor). He also likes this tripe treat from another company who's name escapes me right now.

The problem with mixing in treats is his poo got mushy. We're not sure which treat caused this; maybe all of them did? Puppy stomachs are supposed to be sensitive to diet changes, but we fed Mojo treat-level amounts of the food. Actually, I think it was the Pet Star treat that did it, but to find out we have to get him back to firm poos then introduce the various treats.

The mushy poo causes problems with the pooch pad, because the pooch pad is washable, not disposable.

One hilarious thing is Mojo walking. I read that poodles can do this too, but Mojo first walked "a lot" when we offered him some of the leftover whipped cream from a coffe we got (caramel frap). He really loves the stuff, and walked for 2 or 3 feet! Now we try and get him to walk every few days. He also fetches (he actually gets then brings) mostly consistently, and recognizes the hand signals for sit, lie down, roll over. He doesn't like to lie down or roll over, but he'll do them eventually. It's funny, sometime he grumbles when you want him to lie down...he's saying "geez, do I have to?"

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