Tuesday, May 25, 2004

A couple of things since last time. Mojo seems to be more rambunctious now than before. He jumps up and bites more than he did before, and he's a bit more forceful and independent when we walk. The vet warned us about the biting/chewing, because his real teeth should be/are coming in around now. I can see some of them, I think - between the canines and the first set of molars there's something.

The other thing was that he will look where you're pointing instead of at your finger. If we throw something and Mojo can't find it, we can point and he'll look/go in that direction. It's weird, because I didn't know dogs did that. I always heard they just sort of look at you when you point and say "go look over there."

Maybe it's just me.

His coat really is much better. He's in the bath right now, but even before there was a marked improvement. Maybe all the above is due to higher-quality food?

We're also starting in on the corrections, mainly "No." The positive stuff is OK, but there does come a time when you want to tell your dog not to do something. When we're mad at him (or something he did), we can just loom over him. He knows we're mad, because he starts doing tricks like rolling over.

Really, our only problem with him right now is his biting. I suppose we've come a long way :)

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