Wednesday, May 19, 2004

I think Mojo's favorite toy right now is a sock. He really loves fetching them, playing tug-o-war with them, and soaking them with slobber. In fact, I think Mojo would be happy to never have a new toy again, as long as we kept him in socks. Plus they're interactive. It's hard to interact with a chew-toy. I can't very well share it with him. But I can tug and throw socks.

We gave him a bath today, with just water & conditioner. He looks good! Then Ela gave him a haircut - and cut away most of the hair around his eyes. For around 20 minutes he looked really, really strange, because he had helmet head and, well, eye-sockets. She fluffed up the hair on his muzzle, and now he looks mostly normal. Hopefully the haircut will prevent all those little hairs from poking him in the eye and causing the tear-stains.

He's learned a bit how to get hairs out of his eyes. When something like that happens (a hair lays -across- his eyes), he'll sort of paw at his face the way a cat does, dragging his front paws over his head and down towards his muzzle. It works, but I think he only does that when we notice there's a hair in one of his eyes and start messing with the area around his eyes.

One thing I learned today is how strong his jaws really are. He sits on my desk during the day, and he's gotten into the habit of chewing on the pens. (Ela would say that I taught him it was OK to chew on pens). Well I had this big pushbutton plastic pen, and today he broke off the pushbutton end and was chewing it like gum. I wasn't too worried, since he hadn't swallowed the other parts of the pen he had broken off. Well I reached in and tried to get the pen top out of his mouth. Bad of his teeth came down on my thumbnail, and wow did it hurt. Maybe he can't now, but when he's older he'd probably be able to get his teeth right through my thumbnail. Ouch! So I don't feel so bad about his biting, which is mostly under control now. He's going easy on us.

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