Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Mojo graduated from puppy class today! Whoo!

Unfortunately, he celebrated by taking a poo on the bath mat in our bathroom. Boo, hiss. We try and keep that door closed most of the time, but it was open tonight and well, there he went.

Besides that, Mojo was great. He played with Riley during the puppy class, and did his thing in the 'graduation excercise.' We tried to see if he'd play with Jenna, the black lab, but Mojo was quickly overwhelmed by her - in about 1.5 seconds. So much for playtime with the big dogs.

Still, Mojo & Riley played for a long time. It was really fun to watch, so we'll be scheduling some play time for the dogs. Whoa, how weird, huh? Dog play-dates.

And I've come to realize that every time I talk about how long ago the last 'accident' was, and how Mojo's been so good about the bathroom, something happens. Sigh. After class I was joking we should put up one of those signs, like they have on construction sites: "no bathroom accidents in __ days." Guess it's time to reset that counter.

Oh well, maybe next week.

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