Sunday, May 16, 2004

Mojo learned a new trick today - play dead! We just go bang! bang! And he falls over - or rolls over, depending on how he feels. We got it off this list of tricks:

Movie Dog Tricks

He really doesn't like doing anything besides sit. Tell him to lie down and he grumbles. Tell him "bang bang" and he probably won't do it...unless there's a treat involved. When you say "speak," he will make a noise most of the time - if you wait long enough. I guess he's "pay to play" too.

A weird thing happened tonight. For no apparent reason, Mojo went downstairs and sat down in our entryway. We couldn't get him to stay at the living room level - if we brought him up he just went back down. If we sat down at the top of the stairs he'd come up and say hi, then go back downstairs. Then about 20 minutes later he was back upstairs with us, all normal. Who knows?

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