Friday, May 21, 2004

Mojo's about 21 inches from nose to behind...tail not included. He's also 16 weeks and a day. Amazing that he's been here for 9 weeks.

Yesterday he met the neighbor's cat. The cat lives with a dog (bo/beau, if you remember) so it wasn't intimidated/freaked out by dogs. It was sitting on its stoop, waiting to be let in...a perfect time to introduce Mojo. Mojo sniffed it, and didn't quite know what to make of it. The cat sniffed Mojo, then went back to waiting at the door. Mojo kept sniffing it, then sniffed its butt to try and figure out...something. I got Mojo to 'leave it', but he kept looking back with this "what the heck was that" look. I was wondering if the cat was going to smack him, actually - that would have been funny to watch.

We're also thinking of switching away from Blue to another dog food. Mojo's stool is bigger, and he does it more often, which seems to mean that there's less digestion going on...less absorption? Well basically, more poo with the same volume of food means that something's not being absorbed. Also Ela thinks his coat isn't as nice as it used to be. She also said he's kind of got a minor itch on his paws, which might be a low-level allergy. Maybe Innova?

Mojo's ear color seems to be a darker shade of cream now, almost reddish. Wonder why?

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