Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Mojo's fine now, all his excretory issues seem to be gone. Go figure.

Yesterday was puppy class, and it was really neat to see Mojo playing with the other dogs (or well, dog, since Mojo is still kinda intimidated by the bigger dogs). Riley's owner (the other dog) noticed that Mojo didn't roll over on his back all day. Guess all that time with everyone made Mojo into a more dominant-like dog? At the end, though, Mojo rolled over for Riley, which was kind of neat. Mojo was bugging Riley all the time, and barking at the bigger dogs. One of the owners said there was a dog playtime over in Hillsboro on Thursdays, so we might head over there so Mojo can play/interact with other dogs.

Oh, he weighed in at 7.2 lbs last night. At 7lbs 3oz, that means he's gaining around an ounce a day. We met a havanese owner in the airport on the way home, and her hav is 16lbs(!). That means Mojo might be growing for another 3 or 4 months, if he stops at 13 lbs.

Mojo slept most of the day yesterday. It's kind of grey, cold, and damp here, so maybe he's got SAD. He's well on his way to sleeping all day today, too. Hmmm.

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