Sunday, May 30, 2004

No updates in a while, due to (1) nothing going on, and (2) we've been doing stuff.

We have a guest, one of Ela's friends from Manila. She's been here for the past few days, and she has a dog phobia. When she was a kid, a dog bit her, causing a lifelong aversion to dogs.

Needless to say, Mojo's totally weirded out by her. He does tricks, stands up, etc to get her to say "hi", and she's like "uh-uh" and doesn't react in a friendly way. Then he's like "I wonder why she's not petting me?" Then he tries again, and the same thing happens.

It's rare that Mojo encounters someone that doesn't want to be friendly back, and he's never had someone in proximity for this long that hasn't responded to his entreaties. It's been a good education for him.

She's actually sort of warming up to him, because he looks so much like a rabbit. By the time she goes she might pet him, but we'll see.

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