Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Oh, a funny thing. blue buffalo dog food is free after rebate at petsmart, so I figured it'd be a good time to switch from eukanuba. We took some of the blue that we have and mixed it in with his eukanuba. You're supposed to do that when switching foods so his stomach adjusts...and so he doesn't get diarrhea, something you don't want with a white, fluffy, long-haired dog.

Well we came back from some errands, and Mojo had separated out the blue and eaten all his Eukanuba. How about that? Oh no! We'll never be able to switch! But after a few hours he ate all the blue too. We'll see what effect it has on his digestion by seeing what comes out of him later (ick).

It's also time for his next visit to the vet tomorrow - yet more shots are coming. I think this may be the third round of four?

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