Monday, May 31, 2004

Some actual news! Mojo is now able to jump up on our armchairs!

This morning Llewelyn (Ela's friend) started yelling in an amused/frantic way. Mojo jumped up on the armchair! It's actually a fold-down sleeper armchair, like a sleeper sofa except the whole chair folds down, and it's around 2.5 feet hien wegh. Before, he could get his feet up but actually getting up on the chair was beyond him. Now, he can jump right up (and scramble with his hind legs). How about that?

He really likes to jump. When we play fetch, I throw his toy into this big purple beanbag chair. He runs towards the beanbag, then takes a flying leap into the chair then flumps right into it. He consistently jumps off the bottom of both sets of stairs now, and (as before) tries to jump off of every curb.

It's Llewe's last day tomorrow, and she said that she might pet or pick Mojo up tomorrow. Whoo! We'll see how that goes. He's been working on her for days, and he'll finally be successful!

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