Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ela cut Mojo's nails tonight, and we discovered that what we thought was a tooth was in fact a nail. How about that? Also all the nails on Mojo's right front paw are black. Who knows why?

The puppy playtime was kind of a bust. It was unstructured, and it was kind of "well, what do we do." Mojo was kind of shy, and was chased around by one of the other dogs. Besides that, he basically sat under our chair and watched. Some dogs came over to sniff him. Sometimes he'd walk around a bit to the people next to us.

I suppose he's just getting used to it, but to me it seemed like a waste of time. All we want him to do, really, is be comfy around other dogs, not be best buddies with them. After a few more sessions (2 or 3) we'll see.

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