Wednesday, June 23, 2004

For no particular reason, I'm starting to get Mojo to poo outside instead of on the pads. It seems to be working fine. I'm not sure if he likes it better or not, but he sure does like going outside. Walks are at around 8am and maybe 6pm. Last night we had another at around 10, with a poop. How about that?

I suppose it'll cut down on pad usage. He doesn't really seem to have a preference for pads or the great outdoors, but it's nice to have the indoor option when it's raining.

I've actually been considering sodding our deck (our townhouse has a small concrete deck), but decided that was kind of silly.

Mojo keeps losing his baby teeth. We saw a loose one yesterday afternoon, but couldn't pull it out (he wouldn't hold stilll). Later that day it was gone. He also is getting more hair in his eyes. Not sure if that's due to the new haircut or what.

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