Sunday, June 13, 2004

Mojo finally figured out how to jump onto our bed last night!

He's got a beanbag chair at the foot of our bed. Every once in a while he's stand on it, put his front paws on the footboard and look at us in bed. Tonight he made the connection that he could jump up onto our bed from there, so he scrambled up and there he was! It took him long enough to figure that out. After a few minutes of "hi" and congratulations, down he went. We moved the beanbag farther away, andd made a little nest on the floor. He might be able to get on the bed, but getting down would still be a problem. He might hurt himself jumping off, which he's likely to do given his love of getting airborne.

I was also thinking that the reason Mojo is so long is he's been stretching himself trying to get onto the bed! Maybe he's been there every night, extending himself? It's kind of silly, but hey, you never know.

Earler today we took him downtowh to the rose festival. There's a festival, which booths and dragon boat races. First, though, we went to eat.

On the way to the restaurant, he barfed. Yuck! He apparently gets carsick now. Maybe he's just out of practice, since he's not in the car a lot. The really gross thing is there wasn't really anything to barf into, so I just stuck my hand under his mouth and caught it. Bleah. I cleaned it off with a cleaning cloth, but it's pretty, well, gross.

At the restaurant he was in his bag, and I think he was asleep.

On the way downtown after lunch he barfed again. Luckily we had another cloth, and I put that under his mouth this time.

At the festival he was good. He sniffed a lot, and there was a lot of leash pulling, etc. We met a couple from Georgia who had a Hav back home, which was fun. Then we walked back after watching some of the dragon boat races.

Last stop was petsmart, to pick up some supplies. We got him some round dingos (the mini-dingos were getting too small), some ear powder, and some eye cleaner.

Then in line there was another Hav! It was a big one, with the curly (not straight) hair. How about that? He and Mojo played a bit, and we talked with the owner. That Hav also is darkening a bit (back stripes seem to be a common color). It was also pretty big, taller and longer than Mojo was. So much fo the lengthening idea as above. It was weird, seeing a Hav with poodle hair. I was actually standing in line looking at the dog, thinking "is that a Hav? Or a poodle? The face looks like a Hav, but maybe it's a cockapoo?" I was going to ask, then Mojo came by and started playing, and well, it went from there.

It was really funny seeing two havs play. They do that stand up and paw thing, which I guess is the secret Havanese handshake?

Two Hav owners in one day, a new record! The Hav owner from Georgia said their neighbor has a Hav, and it would break out of its house to come over and play, which is really funny.

Mojo seems to love the round dingo, by the way. Right now he's wandering around trying to find a place to hide it. The first choice, on the green armchair, didn't work so well. Right now he's trying to bury it under the blankets of the other armchair. Wonder why he doesn't try & hide it in his crate, like he did the other dingo?

Oh, just remembered to write that Mojo really doesn't sleep in his crate anymore at all. It might be it's too small, but I think it's just more comfy for him to sprawl out.

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