Saturday, June 05, 2004

Mojo's getting a bath right now. Ela was a bit disurbed at how dirty he's gotten. "He's like a cloud of pollution."

Last night we went down to the local starbucks for a coffe, and met a boston terrier! Mojo was so funny. First he was looking at it, then we went over to say hi. The terrier was 4, and was pretty mellow. But it was shaking, because it wanted to go check Mojo out (it was leashed to a chair).

When the owner came out we sat around & talked, and Mojo and the terrier started to play. Mojo would bark, then they'd raise up, etc. It was really neat!

So I guess for Mojo to play, he first needs to feel comfy with the dog - he needs to approach the dog on his own time? Then he'll do the bow/bark/back & forth stuff.

We might not be able to get to the puppy playtime this thursday (bummer), but maybe the petsmart class'll start again?

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